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Subject: Jinzai-Net 13 September 2001 Special #2

Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 20:38:11 -0600

From: Keith Robinson <>


Jinzai-Net "News and views on the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin" September 13, 2001 Special #2


- SGI-USA leader on AA Flight 11

- Members in New York's WTC and the Pentagon

- Message from Sensei to SGI-USA

- About the Jinzai-Net newsletter


- SGI-USA leader on AA Flight 11


David Seima Aoyama, a senior SGI-USA staff member was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 11 which crashed into the World Trade Center north tower Tuesday morning. According to SGI Vice-President Guy McMcCloskey, "David is a hero who willingly and

wholeheartedly dedicated his life to American kosen-rufu. Matilda Buck and I visited his wife, Machiko, daughter, Emily, and son,

George, this afternoon. We were deeply moved to see their strength and resolve. The Aoyama family are committed, on behalf

of their husband and father, to continue their efforts as capable people for the future of all humanity. Please join me in praying

for their eternal happiness and pledging to unite with this wonderful family."

SGI-USA member Giorgio Baroni writes, David "was so nice and dedicated. I would trade my life with his, because he was just

so valuable for the SGI org. I would have to work way hard to affect people as positively as he did ... so much work... I don't

feel capable of a similar task. I think people should know more about him, and about the great person that he was. Please make

your next issue a tribute to his life. I will remember his righteousness for my whole life, and I will keep on dedicating my life to create peace in this planet. Let's pray for all the dead, and let's pray for all those that are still trapped under the rubble. Let's pray for the rescuers and all those involved. Let's make this planet a planet of peace."

According to an SGI-USA e-group, send any cards or letters to: SGI Plaza 606 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica CA 90401."


- Members in New York's WTC and the Pentagon


Jinzai-Net has received many enquiries into the well-being of members in the US. Following is the best information received.

Thirty members are known to have been employed at New York's World Trade Center. Of those twenty-nine are confirmed safe. One

is reported safe but not confirmed.

Other members were in the area of the WTC. About 2-300,000 people visited it daily. Two SGI-Malaysia members were headed Tuesday morning for the center but were delayed in the public transit system and are confirmed safe. Other SGI-USA members report being on the subways under the WTC at the time of the attack. The subways were halted by the attack before proceeding safely.

In Washington, DC six members are known to work at the Pentagon building which was attacked. All six are confirmed safe.


- Message from Sensei to SGI-USA


According to SGI-USA General Director Danny Nagashima as reported in Gakkai-Spirit e-group:

"We have continued to receive communication from President Ikeda throughout the day and night since the tragedies of yesterday

morning. Like all of us, he has been greatly concerned for everyone. In yesterday's message, President Ikeda said, "I extend my heartfelt sympathies to the people of the United States. Let us work for kosen-rufu in order to create peace in the United States and in the world." Today, President Ikeda has again extended his heartfelt concern. Attached, please find his message. Please share this with as many members as possible. Thank you."

To my beloved American friends,

I offer my heartfelt prayers

For the peace, happiness and brilliant flourishing

Of the United States

Daisaku Ikeda, September 12, 2001