Open House - June 6, 2001
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WPG and Open House - June 3, 2001
World Peace Gongyo - 10 am

Enthusiastic and lively Gongyo led by Mr Goto

Entertaining and enlightening performance of "Dragon King's Daughter" performed by the Future Group

Incredible combined experience by Gordon and Kayo - Gordon was introduced to this practice by Kayo, his Japanese teacher and his fellow-artist.

Wonderfully entertaining performance of Korean Dance by the Future Group and some friends.

Very concise and complete summary of our practice by Richard.

Some words of encouragement by our Women's Group leader for Area 3, Yoko.

Very nice wrap-up by the Canadian Women's group leader, Yuriko.

Open House - 1:30pm to 3:30pm

The Welcome banner for the first Open House.

The Brass Band and Fife and Drum - joint performance.

Tanya's moving poem about this buddhism.

Our resident pianist's entertaining and enjoyable performance.