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Kosovo - emails

Subject: FW: Kosovo Peace Proposal
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 23:14:14 +0200
From: "Seiji Kato"
To: "Katano Masaru"

>Dear, friends
> Until today all our members are safe and protected by Gohonzon and your daimoku. >Some of our members made " the Kosovo Peace Proposal " as follows.

Sincerely Yours > >Masaru Katano
Kosovo Peace Proposal >
War doesn't occur from outside but inside of peoples' heart. >Therefore we have to change the heart to fight against the others. It is easy to indicate the difference between a race and a race. But nobody wants to indicate the common points of human beings beyond races. People have been making inferior races in all countries of the world because of poorness, insufficient education, and different culture etc. But all life has the same dignity on the Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. As long as it is true, we can say that people have been eager to find a more inferior race in their heart since history has begun. We must have courage to accept difference as president Ikeda says. There are feelings of prejudice, discrimination, distrust and hatred etc. in the bottom of our life which Buddhism calls " the seventh conciousness" ...We will have to change the negative elements of our life into equality, trust and friendship. We believe that by only doing so, we will be able to stop war forever. First, each of our members has to thoroughly change our negative life by hanting daimoku. And we hope all SGI members will follow us. " Gento-nise" is one of the important theories of our Buddhism. It means the time from now to future is more important than the past. We should think how people create the peace of Kosovo and Yugoslavia from now on. Kosovo is not for terrorist group " KLA" , NATO and the men of power in Yugoslavia.
Kosovo must be the land for the people who live there. Nobody will never permanently be able to possess lands on the earth. And nobody needs to do so. Therefore people have to live together with good harmony and prosper each other on the whole earth. When we see the earth from the cosmos nobody can see borders among nations. Because borders are just drawn by human beings. People of the world should know that we cannot create peace by any violence. We can create peace by only " dialogue" .. Therefore we are strongly opposed to any violence. In the end we also know that the authorities who was fascinated by the demonic power of the evil king of the sixth heaven always because war and they give sufferings and miseries to common people. As president Makiguchi said the goodness, the Buddha's troops have to unite in order to defeat the evil power. We believe that the Buddha's troops is SGI and we have to expand the righteous power. Expanding the righteous power must be "Kosen-rufu". And the righteous idea must be " Life is the most important ". The unhappiest person will be able to the happiest person on this Buddhism. In the same way the most severe country will have to be the most peaceful country. We believe that each of us has a deep mission to realize peace in this country.

>SGI Yugoslavian Volunteers
>Jelena Ikanovic
>Masaru Katano
>Noriko Katano
>Slajanka Jankovic
>Steven Karanovic
>Sasa Miloradovic
>Tatjana Jurisic

Subject: Voice from Kosovo!
From: Seiji Kato
To: Seiji Kato
Sent: Thursday, April 15, 1999 10:04 AM
Subject: Forward SGI massages

> Dear Friends, >
> Thank you so much for your DAIMOKU and encouragement for Yugoslavia,
> I will forward messages from Masaru in Yugoslavia and The Soka Gakkai Youth Peace Conference.

> Thank you in advance for distribution the mail to your SGI friends as usual.

> Sincerely
> Czech Chapter Youth Division
> *******************************************************
> Massage From Masaru KATANO in Yugoslavia
> *******************************************************
> Dear, friends
> In this week one more member was mobilized to the troops. He is very kind person. Of course he did not go there. I get angry from the bottom of heart. My anger is not for any common people concerning with this conflict but for all authorities. I am very sad how human beings are stupid ! Now I want to introduce you about the memories by president Ikeda which he discussed with Valentina Tereshkova in Moscow in May 1987. As you know she is the first spacewoman in the world. She turned round the earth 48 times in 3 days. The earth was surrounding by the ring of soft light and the color was changed into 7 colors as time passed. She says " I could not express the joy to be able to see the earth. The earth was blue and it was much more beautiful than the other heavenly bodies. Each continent and each ocean had its own beauty. " The African continent looked yellow , the South American continent green and the Asian continent dark brown. During she turned round the earth she remembered her mother in her home town. She thought of all mothers on the ground. The earth was filled with life. She saw mountains. All birds live there had its mother. All insects and all animals had its own mother. She saw rivers. She saw seas. All fish had its mother. And all people have the mother. He says The earth bears people. A nation kills people. The earth brings up life. A nation makes people throw away life. If " a nation " is men domain territory and " the earth " is the stage for mothers. The stage of mothers who love life is wider and bigger than men's' that. The 21 century will be the century for life. It is the women's century. We will have to create the period when mothers' prayer for peace will be rewarded. Though air attack became much harder all our members are protected by your daimoku.
Thank you very much for your warm heart.
> Best Regards
> Yugoslavia
> Masaru KATANO
> PS My translation may not be correct but please understand the essence.
> The massage from The Soka Gakkai Youth Peace Conference
> Tokyo- The Soka Gakkai Youth Peace Conference today donated 5 million yen($41.600) to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR) to help the agency provide emergency relief to the more thane 620,000 people who have fled Kosovo. The funds will help provide food, water, health services,sanitation facilities and temporary shelter to refugees who have fled to neighboring Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Turkey. "It is our sincere wish that this donation can help alleviate the suffering of displaced Kosovars", said YPC Chairperson Hiroki Nagano when presenting the funds to UNHCR Representative for Japan, Mr.Gary Troeller, in Tokyo. Mr. Nagano conveyed SGI members' heartfelt hope that the refugees will be able to return home in safety and dignity as soon as possible. Every year since 1973, Soka Gakkai YPC has held annual fund-raising drives in support of refugees. In 1998, it donated 40 million yen ($286,885) for relief to refugees from Afghanistan, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Liberia. The Soka Gakkai is part of the Soka Gakkai International, which was established in 1975, and includes more thane ten million members in 128 countries. Its peace, cultural and educational activities are based on the long-standing Buddhist humanism. Further information is at www.sgi.org *************************************************************


Subject: We trust the youth Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 20:37:06 +0200 From: "Seiji Kato"

Dear Sir, I am Seiji KATO from Czech Republic as a responsible Youth Div, If you can distribute the letter from Yugoslavia some how for many members. Thank you for understanding. Czech Chapter Youth Div. SEIJI KATO

To: SGI Division's leaders. From: SGI Yugoslavia Masaru KATANO DATE: Mar.27 1999 Re: We trust the European Youth

Dear friends, Thank you very much for your calls and E-mails to encourage us. We had many messages from Italy, Germany, Austria, UK, Czech, Poland, Romania etc. And SGI director Mr. Wada called me and said that president Ikeda told Japanese top leaders "please encourage and chant for them not to have accidents and damages" And President Ikeda referred to Kosovo problem in the memorial speech on the SGI Day (Jan. 26 1999). He says "I think to the end, we should take prudent attitudes to use military strength in order to solve this problem. And says that soft power by dialogue should strongly be requested and we can break the ice by thinking the opponent as "human being" not as "enemy". From last night until this early morning we had the third terrible air attacks by NATO. We heard a lot of big sounds of the explosions and sirens in Belgrade. In these three days a lot of ordinary people were killed and wounded but until now all our members are protected and safety. NATO says "the air attacks save the Albanians in Kosovo" but a few thousands refugees newly have been increased by their bombing. And in fact the Albanians' life also under the very dangerous situation with the ordinary people in Yugoslavia. And our military includes many ordinary young people like you. They were obliged to be soldiers. Already one of our members and a child of a member were conscripted for military service. Though NATO says this is the humanitarian way, air attacks are barbarous behaviors ignoring human lives and human rights. I don't dare to judge which politic side is good or bad, but I feel there is the quite same tendency to control people by force in the both bottom of lives of "the director Milosevic" ** and NATO ** . It must be equal to the demon power of the sixth devil **. I am fighting against strange looking power but I realize that I am fighting against the sixth devil. Now I hear the big sounds of air attacks and sirens during I am typing this letter. Though this Kosovo crisis I think we should decide to create peace and it is time each SGI members should deeply think what we can do for peace. "In the edge of Europe, Yugoslavia there are 60 members and friends". I hope it makes good opportunity to deeply chant for peace of Europe and the world. At least this is our request. If it is possible for your country, please chant Daimoku for us especially from 6 until 8 pm. From this time air attacks always begin. [note: that's 9-11am Pacific, 7-9am Hawaii time -- hc] Finally, I would like to add this. We are chanting for peace of Yugoslavia and to protect Yugoslavians, Albanians and NATO's soldiers too. Because they have also family, a mother, a father and children.

Sincerely Yours SGI Yugoslavia   Masaru KATANO