SGI President Ikeda's New Year's Message - January 2000:

Sowing the Seeds of Peace in the Community and the World
New Year's Day 2000 The door of the new century has opened! In this momentous year we celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the SGI's founding and the fortieth anniversary of worldwide kosen-tufu. The curtain has risen on the start of a deeply significant history for the future of humanity and kosen-rufu!

My noble friends who have emerged from the earth, who with me have scaled the precipitous peak of the twentieth century to usher in this brilliant dawn. let us embark once more Aiming for the distant peaks of the third millennium, advancing our movement of hope in harmonious unity!

The old century was an interplay of darkness and light created by science, industry, military might and national strength. The worship of these powers was also a form of culture. It is known as the "culture of war" The nAme given to that witch bred the seeds of countless tragedies.

A transformation from the pursuit of economic profit above all; respect for human rights and freedom; rejection of war and violence; moving from patriarchy to an age of woman; casting off selfishness Herein lies the "culture of peace."

We can clear hear the deep far-reaching reverberations that indicate the waold is moving from a culture of war to a culture of peace, the pure melody of the rushing strem of the Century of life. Beyond the ever omre pervasive information age we live in, the giant form of an ecologial age is visible. "All things are interconnected" This is an underlying principle of ecological thought and also the insight of Buddhism

All life on this blue planet of water No, the entire universe itself is a single living entity. Even the most microscopic being is an important part of the whole. The world is in need of a deeply religious spirit.

Even the macroscopic ideal of peace is actualized only when it connects with the life of each individual. Peace is not found in some distant place; it lies close at hand, in the vibrant sence of fulfillment felt by each person taking earnest action for the welare of their community, society and fellow citizens.

By a mystic coincidence, the United Nation has designated this year as the International Year for the Culture of Peace, and next year as the Year of Dialogue among Civilizetions.

Let us recall that appointed gathering in Guam, the pledge made twenty-five years ago, on the start of SGI movement! I called on those present: "I hope you will dedicate your whole lives to sowing the seeds of the Mystic Law for the sake of peace throughout the entire world. I shall do the same thing."

Let us now, with renewed commitment, plant in people's hearts the seeds of trust and friendship, the seeds of philosophy and happiness, the seeds of peace! In our immediate environments, let us spread gardens of peace, green and full of flowers, with deep pryer and patience!

In the global solidarity of such "people's power" lies the future, lies hope, lies a way forward.

The morning skies of the new millennium are dyed with the rays of the rising sun that illuminate the centuries ahead. Together let us advance afresh! Tward that brilliant dawn! toward a future of unsurpassed wisdom and creativity for humankind!

New Year's Day, 2000

To my beloved fellow members in 128 countries and territories around the world:
I pray for your good health
I pray for your happiness.
I pray that your life's noble mission will bring you glory and triumph.
With my deepest respect and affection.
Plms pressed together in revence.

Daisaku Ikeda.

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