SGI President Ikeda's New Year's Message - January 2001:

My dear fellow members of the SGI in 163 countries and territories around the world!

I extend to you my most heartfelt congratulations on the magnificent start of the 21st century!

On this blue planet traveling through space carrying 6 billion passengers, how brilliant is the hope, how deep the life- philosophy, how solid the bonds of unity found in the humanistic network of the SGI as we joyously begin this auspicious new year!

The SGI at last has begun to illuminate the new century with the brilliance of the morning sun--as a "pillar" of peace for humankind, a "great ship" of culture linking people around the world, and the "eyes" of education for global citizenship. The global spread of our kosen-rufu movement is an unprecedented achievement in the history of Buddhism.

All of you are working together for the sake of the Law, for the happiness and welfare of others, and for kosen-rufu as part of this great organization. In doing so, you are accumulating immeasurable good fortune in your lives. This accords with the causal workings of life wherein "unseen virtue gives rise to visible reward" (cf, WND, 907 [MW-5,259]).

In light of the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin and the Lotus Sutra, there is absolutely no doubt that you will lead lives of unsurpassed fulfillment and bring eternal glory to shine on your families, friends and all with whom you have a close connection.

The Daishonin writes,

Think of a small tree under a large one, or grass by a great river, Though they do not receive rain or water directly, they nonetheless thrive, partaking of dew from the large tree or drawing moisture from the river. (WND, 848 [MW-2,223])

Here, the Daishonin teaches that the presence of individuals who practice the Mystic Law can greatly enrich the lives of those around them, transcending religious differences, and benefit the land in which they dwell, leading the way to happiness, peace and prosperity for all. This is just as a large tree or a great river nourishes the life around it.

Please ring in our new series of Seven Bells, working sincerely to spread friendship and trust in society based on vibrant, living wisdom. For it is through such efforts that you will be able to show concrete actual proof of the principle that "Buddhism is manifested in society." Together let us make this a truly meaningful year, free of any regrets, and create a foundation for momentous victory for the next one hundred years.

I pray with all my heart for the good health, longevity and happiness of you, my beloved fellow members, as well as of your families and loved one, and that you will all make great and joyous strides forward in this Century of Soka.

Daisaku Ikeda
January 1, 2001

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