Current Events
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P H O T O - A L B U M

Click for Full ImageCanada Day at Sunset Community Centre, July 1, 2003

Click for Full ImageArea 3 Future Group Feb 2003

Click for Full ImageWPG and GAC - Feb 2003

Click for Full ImageNew years Gongyo - 2003

Click for Full ImageNikkei Heritage 125th year - Sept 22nd, 2002

Click for Full ImageArea 3 - Men's Group General Meeting, August 25th 2002

Click for Full ImageNew Leaves District Picnic - August 11, 2002

Click for Full ImageCanada Day - Sunset Community Centre July 1, 2002

Click for Full ImageDistrict (New Leaves/Pioneer) General Meeting, 2002

Click for Full ImageChinese New years, 2002 - Year of the Horse

Click for Full ImageMr. Masao Yokota's Lecture Feb. 20, 2002

Click for Full ImageDr Kawada's Exciting Lecture Nov6, 2001

Click for Full ImageMandarin Group annual Picnic Aug 26th 2001

Click for Full ImageMen's Group - General Meeting Aug 26th 2001

WPG and First Open House, June 3 2001

General Meeting - Mandarin District 2001

General Meeting - Columbia Chapter 2001

Visit to Vancouver by the Izumis - March 2001

Gohonzon Acceptance - March 2001

New Years Celebrations - 2001

These are some of the members from Emsdale Ontario. They are a wonderful group with very high spirit. December, 2000

This is our District Picnic, August,2000
Picnic, 2000

These are some visitors from Manila who gave wonderful experiences at our meetings, March, 2000
Aleng and Tommy, 2000

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